Accurately Answering “Wh” Questions: VTips for Autism
October 24, 2011
Autism VTips: Excellent Examples of the New Sorting Board
October 31, 2011

Welcome to VizZle 4.0! New Access, New Features and More!

The brand new, totally awesome VizZle 4.0 is here! VizZle 4.0 represents a major change for VizZlers, with many new conveniences and features. The whole program has been rewritten stem to stern to facilitate easy access both via the web and on mobile tablets like iPads and Android….

VizZle iPad App Is Here!

The much anticipated VizZle Player App is available in the Apple App Store. Click here or go to the iTunes Store and search for VizZle.

VizZle content and the touchscreen and portability of the iPad will engage and reach kids with autism the way nothing else has that has come before. The ability to customize and make whatever you need for use on your mobile tablet as opposed to having to rely on canned content is a major breakthrough!

VizZle Android App Is Here Too!

VizZle has gone totally mobile–and all the same coolness as iPad and VizZle applies! To load the new app on your Android compatible tablet (like the Xoom), click here

Access New VizZle at – The New Portal for All Things VizZle!

Now No Download or Install Needed!

The brand new VizZle is now a no-download, no-install program! Just open your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or the like) and go to Click the orange “Play from Browser” and click the orange “VizZle Web” and log in as usual.

(NOTE: You may experience a white “waiting” screen while it loads for the first time–just wait, and it will open. This will only happen the first time you log in.)

In addition, we are also now offering a new VizZle Desktop edition, much like the previous version you have been using. If you would prefer to use that, please click here for information on how to replace the old and install the new VizZle Desktop.

But if you get blocked, notify your school or district’s Tech Support, and use VizZle Web via until they get to your request. That way, you won’t lose a minute of access!

What Happens If I Click on my Old VizZle Icon on the Desktop?

Because of all the new awesome coolness, the old version of VizZle can not be supported, and won’t work for you. If you try to click on the old version, it will ask you to upgrade. If you answer yes, you will likely receive an error message on the install. If you ignore the update message and just enter, VizZle will seem “broken”.

So use the new VizZle! Go to click the orange “Play from Browser” and click the orange “VizZle Web” and log on!

If you really want the desktop experience rather than the browser version, click here to find out how to upgrade to the new VizZle Desktop.

Desktop vs. Web — What’s the Difference?

Not much!

Both allow you to access all your folders, lessons and media. Use one. Use the other. Switch back and forth.Use whatever is easiest and most convenient at the moment!

The only major difference is for those of you who create a lot of lessons using imported images. Because of the nature of the web, you won’t be able to drag in your personal media directly into create when you are making lessons in VizZle Web—you’ll need to use the import media button (either in Teach, or—sneaky workaround alert!—in Create, use the Add Video button for any kind of media). Drag and drop import of personal media will still be fully functional in VizZle Desktop. To find out how to upgrade to VizZle Desktop, click here.

The Magic of f11

The only other reason you might want to stick exclusively with Desktop is if having the browser controls present makes it too easy for your students to go wandering the web. But don’t forget that in most browsers you can hit f11 to go in and out of full-screen mode, removing the browser controls from view.

You may want f11 for yourself too—especially when creating lessons or searching the library. That “back” arrow on the browser is awfully tempting—but it will take you back to the last thing you did in your browser [not to the last thing you did in VizZle] and exit VizZle altogether, which can be a real groaner.

So you may want to Create in VizZle Desktop, but play in VizZle Web. Or use VizZle Web at school, but use VizZle Desktop at home. Or never use VizZle Desktop again. Or never try VizZle Web. Use whatever is most convenient and comfortable for you at the moment!

What Else is New in 4.0?

New Template—Welcome the Sorting Board

The Sorting Board is another easy-to-use yet powerful template for creating interactive lessons with lesson play tracked for data reporting.

More Robust and Flexible Data Tracking

In 4.0 you can track lessons played from anywhere (even direct from Share), and new goals and report interfaces make it easier to get the data you need.

Now each VizZle License Bundled with 6 VizZle Players

By popular demand the new VizZle Classroom Edition supports up to 6 concurrent users – great for fostering independent play in school – or at home!

Other Cool New Features

  • One Click to save lessons from Share to your My Lessons folder in Teach
  • New Authoring layout in Pix-2-Go, including smaller grid sizes for more layout flexibility
  • New look and feel on the Welcome screen, which now includes links to the last 10 stories on the VizZle Blog, as well as video tours of Share, Teach and (new for 4.0) Create.
  • Book will automatically print looking more like books
  • New Layout for searching Share
  • Cleaner Activity Summary, with more info in less space
  • Color coded backgrounds let you tell lessons (blue) from media (green) or playlists (pink) at a glance in Teach folders in icon or list view
  • New more intuitive layout in My Profile that allows you to change your password and manage your student folders
  • New layout for student folders and their Student Profiles, IEP goals, and IEP lessons

For all the “how-to” on VizZle 4.0, check out the articles in the Upgrading to VizZle 4.0 Forum


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