Our mission…To empower educators, clinicians, and parents to effectively engage, communicate with, and educate individuals with autism and other communication disorders

Based in Shaker Heights, Ohio, Monarch Teaching Technologies, Inc. (MTT) is committed to providing software solutions that can provide more effective yet cost-efficient support for children with special learning needs. VizZle was a product of a four-year R&D collaboration with the Monarch Center for Autism and researchers from Children’s Hospital Boston/Harvard Medical School. Check out our company history for more detail.

Wingspan Care Group is the not-for-profit parent company of Monarch Teaching Technologies, Applewood Centers, Inc., and Bellefaire JCB. Wingspan provides organizational, administrative, and fiscal efficiencies for affiliated entities so that they may focus on their respective missions.

Bellefaire Jewish Children’s Bureau (Bellefaire JCB) was founded as an orphanage in 1868 and today is a non-profit organization that provides a variety of behavioral health, education, and prevention services for children, adolescents and their families without regard to race, religion, sex or national origin. Through its Monarch Center for Autism, it provides services across the lifespan for people with autism and their families.