what is vizZle?


VizZle is an all-in-one digital resource center for special educators.

Played on any device or computer from any location, VizZle’s multipurpose software allows educators to:

  • Search a peer-reviewed library of almost 15,000 interactive, visual PreK-12 lessons on any subject using state standards or keywords
  • Modify any lesson they find to individualize for each child in a few clicks
  • Create a lesson of their own on with fun, visual reinforcers
  • Build playlists of lessons for deeper practice of any curricula
  • Collect automated data through reporting tools that allow for simple data-driven instruction
  • Access behavioral and social supports such as visual stories, schedules, timers and token boards
  • Attain personalized professional development catered to your school system

Content can be individualized to meet the needs of special learners. Broad deployment maximizes VizZle’s impact enabling collaboration, consistency and comparative data across the school district.  To learn more, explore the 4 main areas of the program itself:

district edition – Fully customized VizZle implementation strategy to help your district meet all its special education needs VizZle District Edition is a collection of VizZle software products and fully customized professional development and support services that allows everyone involved in special education in a district to share evidence-based interactive materials that drive achievement, while giving all levels [...] Learn More
Teach – Organize & play; set up VizZle Player for an unlimited number of students – Learn More
Create – Customization central! Explore the media database & template typesLearn More
Share – See lesson samples & lesson sets from the fully moderated shared library – Learn More
Report – Customize to specifically track IEP
or state standard play-data – Learn More
What people are saying about vizZle

“This product offers great potential for the well over 6000 students on the autism spectrum in NYC public schools.”

Dr. Susan Erber
Superintendent of District 75 (retired)
New York, NY

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